[Techtalk] website link checking that does orphans?

Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Mon Apr 13 06:44:27 UTC 2015

Interesting problem. I checked back on my notes about linklint. I 
remember it worked quite differently to how I expected and I really 
struggled with it. In my notes I wrote to myself that it was 
"ridiculously difficult to program".

To check a local tree of files I recommended this to myself:

cd to root of directory structure to be checked

linklint -error -xref -warn /@

This will print a list of files and dirs checked and referenced errors.

To check a remote tree of files my notes suggest:

linklint -error -xref -warn -host miriam-english.org /kari/@ -http

checks the tree structure on my site starting at
(That directory was the one I was working on at the time.)

I hope my confusion and frustration will benefit you. :)

Best wishes,

	- Miriam

On 13/04/15 11:16, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Miriam English writes:
>> Hi Akkana,
>> I'm not sure if this suits what you want, but I would use wget to download
>> the whole site to my hard drive and then run linklint on that.
> Thanks -- I already have the site locally on my disk.  I guess
> you're right that I could use wget to spider it again from localhost
> and turn all the PHP links into html files. But that still wouldn't
> solve the problem that linklint -orphan on a local file considers
> ".." to be part of the website, and so it escapes out of the web
> directory and starts reporting every file inside my home directory
> as being an orphan. That seems like a pretty serious flaw in
> linklint, that there's no way to limit it to stay inside the root
> directory I specified.
>          ...Akkana
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