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Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Mon Jan 30 06:32:32 UTC 2012

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 01:59:56PM -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Anne Wainwright writes:
> > Starting Mutt automagically opens that directory where I can see new mail. Then on exit I am asked if I want to move read messages to ~/mail/inbox. I find 
> > I can also access that using the 'c' command, and can create a whole hierachy of directories under ~/mail.
> > 
> > It just seems unusual to have 2 'inboxes', 
> You don't have two inboxes (by default). /var/mail/yourname is your
> inbox, and when you've read mail, you can choose to archive it for
> later somewhere in your folder hierarchy (~/mail/...). When you
> archive mail, you're saving it in case you want to refer to it
> later, just like if you'd saved mail to a folder using Claws or
> any other mail client.
I backtracked and find that the ~/mail is of my own doing.
I had found the debian page on mutt and included some cool-looking 
stuff into my .muttrc whch included some folders under ~/mail which
were then created by mutt with a few 'yes's from me.
> You can have multiple inboxes, if you want to: you can do something like
> mailboxes /var/mail/yourname =inbox =workmail
> and have as long a list of incoming folders as you like. Mutt will
> check all the folders in that list, and let you know when new mail
> appears in any of them. = means your mail directory (~/mail); you
> can use either = or + for that.
now I know what the = means although I had divined that sort of
> I have procmail set up to divide my incoming mail into different
> folders, which I put in a directory called "in" inside my normal
> mail directory. So I have something like
> mailboxes =in/Inbox =in/chix =in/ubuntu =in/gimp
> and so forth (it's a long list -- I'm on a lot of mailing lists).
> I use in/Inbox instead of /var/mail/akkana (another Procmail rule)
> to make it easier to back up my whole mail hierarchy to my laptop
> or backup disk.
> But of course you don't have to use multiple inboxes; you can use it
> just like Claws or anything else, read your mail in /var/mail/yourname
> and archive it wherever you want ... or keep it in the inbox, or delete
> it all and don't save anything.
> Does that make it any clearer?
yes, thanks Akkana
I had set the headers to display in .muttrc and saw that you used mutt
so was not surpised to see your answer.

> 	...Akkana
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