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Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Mon Jan 30 06:43:17 UTC 2012

I should have commented on the last reply that you highlight
a subtle difference in moving mails to a folder to archive them.
It does introduce an extra step in moving them but it does nicely
isolate the daily new stuff. I'll delay fiddling with procmail.
not ready for that just yet.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 06:39:38PM -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Anne Wainwright writes:
> > Starting Mutt automagically opens that directory where I can see new mail. Then on exit I am asked if I want to move read messages to ~/mail/inbox. I find 
> > I can also access that using the 'c' command, and can create a whole hierachy of directories under ~/mail.
> I realized that I didn't really address the central question in my
> previous reply: it sounds like Anne would rather not have mutt
> prompt her about moving those messages. I've never actually seen
> that prompt, so I guess our systems have different default mutt
> configurations, but I looked it up, and you can get it to stop
> asking you that by adding this to your .muttrc (create that file in
> your home directory if you don't already have one):
That's true, I'm not going to check if the items marked for deletion
are really marked for deletion however many prompts I get.

> set move=no
> I got that by googling 
>   mutt "move read messages" "mail/inbox"
> and finding a Mutt FAQ, http://wiki.mutt.org/?MuttFaq/Folder
> But like a lot of mutt docs, it's not very friendly -- it suggests
> you RTFM "move", but doesn't give any clue where to find it in the
> FM (and google was no help in finding it either). After some
> searching, I found it here:
> http://www.mutt.org/doc/manual/manual-6.html#ss6.3
> (scroll down about halfway to where move is defined). It says:
>   move
>   Default: ask-no
>   Controls whether you will be asked to confirm moving read messages
>   from your spool mailbox to your `` $mbox'' mailbox, or as a result
>   of a `` mbox-hook'' command.
> So it's asking you because the default is ask-no (ask the user but
> default to no, don't move), and the mbox variable controls where it
> wants to store it. If you scroll up a bit to where mbox is documented,
> it says it defaults to "~/mbox", but maybe on your distro someone
> has changed that to =inbox.
I'll check these two possibilities out and see which meets my needs in
the best way, I'm not sure of the difference between them yet.

> I'm actually not sure why mutt has never asked me that; I don't set
> move=no in my .muttrc and it's not set in /etc/Muttrc either.
> Maybe Ubuntu compiles in different defaults from what the manual says.
> 	...Akkana
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