[Techtalk] what is bricking?

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Tue Jan 24 01:54:24 UTC 2012

Did you brick a router? If so, what kind? Some of these "bricked" 
routers can be reset to factory defaults through some arcane ways, we 
just need to know which router.

As for bricking, everything everyone has said about it becoming as 
useful as a brick is correct. I've let loose the sacred smoke on many an 
item, some with no notice of what happened to the spectacular punching 
of a hole though the ceiling tile and metal roof (it started leaking 
when it rained).

We have an mp3 device that was bricked due to poor software design of 
the device. Something about a file name that caused it to be so buggered 
that it won't boot up. To fix it requires wiping the memory which isn't 
accessible without unsoldering  a very persnickety lead frame. Older 
device, not supported and therefore, defunct.  This fits the more common 
later day version of "bricking", although we always have the old 
fashioned one cropping up from time to time.


Carla Schroder wrote:
> O gurus, what does it mean to brick a device like a wireless router? Is it 
> correct to say it's corrupting the OS to the point where it cannot boot, and 
> you cannot re-flash the EEPROM? But if you had a nifty little EEPROM programmer 
> device thingy, and could safely pull the chip out of the router, you could 
> restore it?
> Carla
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