[Techtalk] mailman to smtp query

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Tue Oct 11 15:18:18 UTC 2011

I believe the option you're looking for is SMTP_MAX_RCPTS.

This FAQ entry on performance tuning may help too:


I recommend posting to the mailman-users at python.org list if you have 
more questions.  Several folk there have experience tuning installations 
and getting around small delivery limits on connections.


Anne Wainwright wrote:
> Hi, all,
> My ISP has closed down their Mailman server as I was the only one using
> it. So I have found a new home for one list but my second remains a
> problem.
> I had thought of running Mailman on my own server sending to the isp's
> smtp same as my regular email, and it indeed seems possible.
> One main issue could be the limits imposed on the smtp connection, like
> 100 messages per connection, hourly max limits etc.
> I have been looking at Mailman documentation and see nothing there
> apart from tips on how to make it go faster. I have also looked
> (briefly) at Exim & similar documentation but see nothing obvious.
> What I am looking for are optiojs like SET_HOURLY_MAX=1000 ,
> SET_SMTP_MAX=100 and similar (I made those up).
> Any suggestions on a route to follow very welcome - otherwise for an
> easy life I must move my site to someone who will provide Mailman.
> bestest to all
> Anne
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