[Techtalk] What distro?

Eeva Järvinen ejarvinen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 11:43:22 UTC 2010

Umm, what's the prob with newer Fedoras? I've upgraded mine more or
less frequently, and while there have been hw driver probs (can you
say Broadcom?), they have been solved in newer versions.
NetworkManager and pulseaudio are sometimes iffy, but there are
alternatives - WICD and network service, and jack+alsa, and none of
that needs any fiddling with tarballs. Preupgrade seems to work for
me, too. Now running F13 on all home comps (one laptop, one
mininotebook, one server) - am probably going to go to 14 after a week
or so of its release.

(I've never even noticed any Run command in menus, so that isn't a
dealbreaker for me - I open up a couple of terminals anyway as GUIs
tend to be a pain).


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