[Techtalk] Copyright of Audio books

Linda de Boer ldb at swmbo.ca
Thu Jul 22 21:24:17 UTC 2010


I am trying to copyright protect some audio files which are initially 
purhcased from the author. If they are copied to another site and they 
try to publish them either as their own, or just without the author's 
permission, I would need to be able to identify them.

I have tried various methods, the best one so far seems to be using an 
m4b with tags. I realize this can be removed. Any other suggestions? 
There is a limit to the number of downloads from the site, but once it 
leaves the site, it's fair game.

I am not looking at DRM at this time, just want to protect his investment.

Thoughts, suggestions?
Linda de Boer

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