[Techtalk] Live CD distros and Dual Monitors

sidd darko sidd.darko at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 16:20:06 UTC 2009

I did check that and I don't see any option of that kind in my BIOS. 
Unless it's called something else ...

I think my xorg.conf setup is pretty good and I tried a few things on 
xrandr that changed things somewhat, but still didn't give me a signal 
on the DVI monitor.  Everything in the logs suggests it's connected .. 
so I'm wondering ...

If I had a bad cable, would I still see analog input?  Whenever I 
restart, I initially see the startup log on both monitors but soon I get 
'No Signal Input' on the DVI monitor.  I am assuming the cable is good 
because I see something .. is that a safe assumption or could only the 
DVI signal be failing?

I appreciate everyone's input on this and I will switch out the DVI 
cable to see if it makes a difference ...

Wim De Smet wrote:

> The error message is somewhat of a red herring I think, as the driver
> seems to report it even if it was successful. It seems the driver has
> the entire system memory available to it for video ram (4GB), which
> seems a bit odd. Have you checked the AGP aperture size in the BIOS?
> It should probably not be higher than 512MB.

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