[Techtalk] Techtalk , Grub & Puppy (Sara LeWinter)

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Tue Sep 22 15:03:24 UTC 2009


I did a full disk install of Puppy Linux 4.0 on a Pentium II a few months
ago.  I had used Puppy's Universal Installer but I still to configure GRUB
in order for the system to boot.  After the install, the boot process
stopped during GRUB because it couldn't find the kernel.  I found
information here that helped me:

http://www.puppylinux.com/hard-puppy.htm  (about halfway down the page)

I used the same Live CD I used for the install to mount the hard drive and
fix the menu.lst file.
It took a few tries (because I was also trying to be fancy) but it was

There is also a nice thread about GRUB and booting on the Puppy forum here:

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> Hi,
> I'm hearin the following from a friend of mine tryin to install a home
> network:
> When the computer is turned on, a Dell laptop, the Grub display comes
> up but that display is not interactive. The keyboard just beeps. Only
> pulling the plug shuts the machine down as a result.
> Backstory:
> Partitions are created and formatted. The latest version of Puppy is
> installed on it. The partition that install is on is flagged bootable.
> Grub is installed, but not configured.
> Was unable to understand the config file... Config off the Puppy live
> CD or open a terminal session and say "Grub"?
> Any thoughts folks? :)
> Thanks!
> ~Sara

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