[Techtalk] Way to not organise a mail server

Eeva Järvinen eevaj at welho.com
Wed Jan 21 08:41:09 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 01:44:24PM -0800, Maria McKinley wrote:
> Must say I am confused now. How/why are you running a mail server if you 
> are using someone else's mail server?

I don't know about Anne, but I'm running sendmail on this computer for
at least the following reasons:

- because I can!

- because if the ISP's sending server goes funky, I don't have to care
  'cos sendmail will be nice and resend my message when ISP's server
  becomes available

- my incoming mail is handled by
  fetchmail-procmail-spamassassin-sendmail -chain, and it Just Works.
  Has worked over a decade already, is very stable, I know it's odds
  and sods.

- I have a soft spot in my heart for old warhorses: sendmail, emacs,
  mutt: I've used them for years and years and they're just natural
  for me.

- once I had grokked the configuration weirdness that is sendmail.mc
  and had managed to get it running properly, there's nothing I need
  to do to it until I update the distro so much it breaks.  In
  practice, this has happened once, with the introduction of IPv6
  (FWIW, I needed to enable listening on IPv6 for localhost so that
  procmail could deliver).

- the first reason pops to my mind again - I do get a kick from
  running such a dinosaur on my laptop.


Uxor Mariae.

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