[Techtalk] resolution woes

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Wed Jan 14 06:49:12 UTC 2009

Amy Hussey wrote:
> Maria,
> I was having this issue on ubuntu.
> Are you, perchance, using openchrome as your driver?  I'm adding the info
> about my xorg.conf to maybe help you.

Thanks Amy, I wasn't, but this did get me to look at my xorg.conf again, 
which had magically  changed.

This isn't terribly satisfying, but I am excited I got the resolution 
fixed. After various iterations of editing xorg.conf, restarting x, and 
using xrandr, suddenly my xorg.conf included this subsection under 
Section "Screen":

     SubSection     "Display"
         Modes      "1920x1440"

I added the resolution that my monitor wanted (1280x1024) to the config 
(leaving in the 1920x1440), logged out of X, and suddenly I was at the 
correct resolution without having to do anything else. Very strange, 
because before the conf didn't have a subsection, and when I had tried 
to add it in before, X wouldn't start and complained about my config file.


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