[Techtalk] method to replace bad disk

Ricardo Dalceno rddalceno at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 07:40:50 UTC 2009

Hi Sunbird,

I hope it can help you:

Boot with a linux live-cd like Kanotix, Knopix or Splax.
Plug your external hard-drive
Copy the contents of the internal drive to a folder in the external drive
Reboot your machine with the Windows XP install disc
Format the hard-drive
Install an AV (AVG is a good choice)
Update the AV
Plug the external hard-drive again
Scan it with the AV
Copy the contents back to your internal drive
Install the missing software you need

Hope to be helpful...

Ricardo j0k3r Dalceno

2009/1/4 Christine Thompson <kristineth at charter.net>

> On Sat, 2009-01-03 at 19:41 -0800, Sunbird wrote:
> > What would be the better way of reconstituting a failed disk in
> > windows xp?
> Look like you have to reinstall fresh Windows XP.
> > I have at the ready an iso, CloneZilla Live, hoping it could be so
> > easy, but suspect not.
> > The failed disk occurred, I think, when I deleted a folder that
> > appeared to have a file infected by virus, reported by AVG.
> If you try to clone it will write as sector by sector, then you will be
> back as before, because Windows XP already infect with virus then it to
> late to do any thing.
> > I discovered it during scandisk during reboot.  I don't have the
> > details of the failure, just that the scandisk never ended, finding
> > umpteen zillion errors. So I aborted and then windows booted, and then
> > kept rebooting itself.  So I figured I wrecked it.  Huge disk too.
> > Many apps are installed on it.  Disk L:, so not the root drive.
> Unless you have a last good backup then you almost save, but right now
> you most rebuild you HD with a fresh copy of Windows xp.
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> Christine Thompson <kristineth at charter.net>
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