[Techtalk] method to replace bad disk

Christine Thompson kristineth at charter.net
Sun Jan 4 05:54:11 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-01-03 at 19:41 -0800, Sunbird wrote:
> What would be the better way of reconstituting a failed disk in
> windows xp?

Look like you have to reinstall fresh Windows XP.

> I have at the ready an iso, CloneZilla Live, hoping it could be so
> easy, but suspect not.
> The failed disk occurred, I think, when I deleted a folder that
> appeared to have a file infected by virus, reported by AVG.

If you try to clone it will write as sector by sector, then you will be
back as before, because Windows XP already infect with virus then it to
late to do any thing.

> I discovered it during scandisk during reboot.  I don't have the
> details of the failure, just that the scandisk never ended, finding
> umpteen zillion errors. So I aborted and then windows booted, and then
> kept rebooting itself.  So I figured I wrecked it.  Huge disk too.
> Many apps are installed on it.  Disk L:, so not the root drive.

Unless you have a last good backup then you almost save, but right now
you most rebuild you HD with a fresh copy of Windows xp.
Christine Thompson <kristineth at charter.net>

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