[Techtalk] A move to Ubuntu

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Mon Dec 28 18:26:04 UTC 2009

Hi, Little Girl, and for all those listening in,

Note your comments in the other thread there.

I enjoy my Ubuntu with Gnome as a desktop operating system. I find that
I have everything that I need and therefore no need for the (apparent)
extra weight of KDE. Gnome has just about everything for the average
desktop user nowadays - but horses for courses of course.

As an example, I am putting together an interim solution to get my main
database onto linux (from Dos!) I really want a Catalyst solution but
progress is slow so over this Xmas I tried the RAD offerings
from both KDE (Kexi) and Gnome (Glom). Neither are ideal nor are they
even complete IMHO, but Glom will do to bridge the gap. For all its
added complexity I don't see that the KDE candidate offers
significantly more but understand that I need more experimentation with

I don't want to knock one at the expense of the other, the point I make
is that Gnome's deceptively simple offerings mask adequate power to do
most jobs on the office desktop.

When I get a spare machine I'd like to try Gentoo, just to steepen the
learning curve a little! But for day to day work I don't need that.


On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 20:10:50 -0500
Little Girl <littlergirl at gmail.com> wrote:

> It might depend on the situation. Some issues might need other
> solutions. I hope to be joining you in using Nautilus soon, since I'm
> switching from Kubuntu to Ubuntu one of these days because I don't
> like that newfangled KDE. (:

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