[Techtalk] mysterious pops driving me nuts--- OMG more!

R. Daneel Olivaw linuxchix at r-daneel.com
Tue Apr 14 23:03:31 UTC 2009

Hi !

That, in my experience, is a video card going too hot (I mean, it went
too hot and now it's broken).

Usually, graphics adaptor fan fails (cheap plastic axis), gpu heats till
it breaks and then ... you have that odd display (probably some sync
fails, or a clock signal gets jammed).

Else, it would mean your monitor is dead. Anyway, you just ssh into your
box, don't you ? ;p

bye and good night (1 Am here).

R. Daneel Olivaw,
The Human Robot Inside.

Le mardi 14 avril 2009 à 13:54 -0700, Carla Schroder a écrit :
> On Tuesday April 14 2009 12:45:39 pm Carla Schroder wrote:
> Ze plot thickens.... I came back from a break and my computer was locked up. I 
> had to power-cycle it, and this is what it looks like:
> http://bratgrrl.com/screen.jpg
> The monitor has both digital and analog connectors. I have an NVidia card and 
> onboard video, so I connected it to the onboard video and it looks the same. 
> So I guess I can rule out a failed Nvidia card.
> I took a took at the mobo for obvious broken somethings, didn't see anything, 
> and I'll take a closer look after work. 
> I've never seen a failure like this-- any bright ideas? This isn't the "other" 
> system that I was suspecting, this is my main workstation.
> thanks,
> Carla

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