[Techtalk] progress with debian diskless client

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Thu Apr 9 23:18:55 UTC 2009

Hey all,

I am slowly making progress with my cluster setup. Soooo, last we heard 
I was having problems mounting the root nfs as read/write. I decided 
that the problem was something about the copying of the server root 
directories into the root directory for the client. I decided to give 
debootstrap a try, and used that to create the root directory for the 
client. This time when I booted, it booted up to run level 2, and 
mounted the root directory properly. The problem, of course, is that I 
really don't want it stopping at run level 2, and I want it to have all 
of the same applications as the server. One obvious problem is that it 
doesn't include nfs-common, so I can't mount the home directories. How 
can I update this new directory? I assume it has something to do with 
using get-selections from the server and using dpkg with the instdir 
option, but having never tried this before I'm a little gun-shy, and 
wanted others to tell me that yes, this is the way to do this. Also, it 
isn't clear to me whether this will fix the only booting to run level 2 


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