[Techtalk] An interesting little problem

R. Daneel Olivaw linuxchix at r-daneel.com
Wed Apr 8 20:46:54 UTC 2009

Hi there,

Le mercredi 08 avril 2009 à 21:17 +0100, Patricia Fraser a écrit :
> > Serendipity and it's derivatives have been long time favorites of
> > mine. Along with - for some odd reason - antipode.
> I like antipode too - not only because I (usually) am an antipodean!
> But I like all those Greek-based words ending in -e; catastrophe,
> terpsichore (I have a terp. among the computers here!), the list goes
> on.

You dance among your computers ? (or have I misunderstood ?)

R. Daneel Olivaw,
The Human Robot Inside.

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