[Techtalk] Konica Minolta C252 printer for Ubuntu

Wendi Wise wendi at choiceprojects.co.za
Mon Mar 10 10:34:09 UTC 2008


Anyone know how to set this up to work on Ubuntu 7.10?  I have 
downloaded the ppd driver and it's all installed, but the problem comes 
when I have to set up username and password and without this it won't 
allow the print job through.

On Windows it's under Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults > User 
Authentication/Account Track .. and then set to Recipient User with 
username and password and Account track with same.

In CUPS I can't seem to find anything that is similar.  The security and 
account track options only seem to allow one character choice.

Account name 1: 0
Account name 2: 0
Account name 3: 0
Account name 4: 0
Account key: 0
Account key: 1
etc all the way to 8



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