[Techtalk] New OpenOffice bails out at 'Welcome to OpenOffice.org" screen

AstroGirl astrogirl at spin.net.au
Sun Jun 29 23:43:01 UTC 2008

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:12:28 am Anne Wainwright wrote:

> Then the other day along came an auto-update from Sun which I downloaded
> and followed the instructions, but all to no avail. The blue OOo splash
> screen comes up and is then followed by a "Welcome" screen which
> disappears before it shows any Welcome details.

> I'm all out of ideas. None of the OOo utilities run, all behave as
> described. Maybe I must try removing and reinstalling again, but not
> tonight. What have I missed?

Hi Anne,

I had the same issue - but I'm running Gentoo and it's been a while since I 
played with Debian.. :/

For me, (and for others when I searched), it seemed to be a localization 
issue. Some people had luck killing soffice.bin, typing: declare -x 
then trying again.. however, it didn't work for me. I had to go through the 
whole Gentoo Localization Guide to get it to work properly.. (I knew I kinda 
skimmed over that in the past. :p It came back to bite me! ha)

However, as I said, running Debian will change things, clearly. Hopefully its 
of some help though!


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