[Techtalk] recording computer sounds

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Thu Jun 5 02:45:49 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 04 June 2008 1:40:21 pm Carla Schroder wrote:
> Audio gurus, gather ye round! Is it possible to record sounds on your 
> computer, like the music and sound effects from games, on the same PC? 

Ok then, I have learned a few things. One is that, depending on your 
soundcard, you can use your sound mixer (kmix, gnome-mixer or alsamixer) to 
enable the 'mix' or 'wave' recording source. Then whatever application you're 
using to record can use that as the source.

A better method seems to be using Jack, the audio connection kit. It's more 
complex, but it looks like you can perform all kinds of audio magic with it. 
The limiting factor is your soundcard- my xTremeCheapass onboard AC97 sound 
is pretty limited.

Carla Schroder
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