[Techtalk] Lilo error message

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Wed Jul 2 20:37:32 UTC 2008

Hi, again,  :)

On an old dosbox I have dual boot linux. my very first! I use it to boot
into linux to connect to the network so I can move some files over.
Debian potatoe version, terminal only, no GUI.

I made a small change to the liloconf file (to put up a message at boot
time). I then ran lilo as proper after any changes and got the

Fatal: open 1: No such file or directory

at this time

in fact the change has taken and I can reboot <wipes brow> but this
message has me worried.

I couldn't find this listed in the docs dealing with lilo on the
machine. Any ideas please?


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