[Techtalk] openoffice on debian linux

B Seeger seeger at prosensing.com
Thu Jan 31 14:37:02 UTC 2008


This is a more obscure question -- but has anyone else seen this type of
problem with openoffice in linux:

seeger at athena:~$ openoffice

** (process:2092): WARNING **: Unknown error forking main binary /
abnormal early exit ...

I've spent alot of time trying to figure it out -- using strace -f to
see if there's a segfault somewhere. I've tried removing my installation
of it (apt-get remove --purge openoffice.org) and reinstalling.  

I can't seem to figure out what it's unhappy about and not exactly sure
who's fault it is -- debians or openoffices.  

It was working fine at one point and then it stopped -- either due to a
power loss or a system upgrade. 

Anyways -- if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it.  Even
if it's to say where I should look for more help.  Haven't had much luck
and I'm really bummed as I need a spreadsheet app that can handle macros
-- and no other linux spread sheet that I know of seems to...

For reference: I'm using debian 2.6.18.


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