[Techtalk] ubuntu filesystem problem

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 07:26:00 UTC 2008


i have a compaq V6320AU [AMD Turion 64 X2 @ 1.6GHZ,1GB Ram, Nvidia
GeForce 6150 Graphics dual booted with Vista] running an Ubuntu 7.10
with another partition [created but never got around to loading

The other day i upgraded ubuntu7.10 and installed the updates but it
borked the filesystem. Apparently many HP/compaq's have this issue.
Since i had to use noapic option to load it the first time, i tried
some options i found via google [linked it here,
http://www.svaksha.com/?p=130] but they didnt work.

My friend says this is a problem only to Ubuntu kernel (LVM fuse ?) as
the debian filesystem he uses does not have this issue. I cant file a
bug with ubuntu/launchpad since they will ask for a backtrace and to
access those log files i'd still need to be able to boot (since the
process stops at loading dev drivers, and hangs). Also it does not
recognise any external devices (didnt show my pendrive).

Currently all i can think of is a fresh install of a lower version of
ubuntu (the recovery mode for current kernel does not work). Is that
the only option ?


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