[Techtalk] Xen display

Linda de Boer ldb at swmbo.ca
Wed Jan 16 02:49:50 UTC 2008


I have just installed the latest copy, of CentOS 5.1. And I"ve updated 
it. I installed the virtualization and have a guest OS setup with 5.1 as 

When the guest comes up, there is a very large border on the top and 
bottom that is the Xen "framing". I am having trouble searching for 
answers because it's hard to describe.

I am currently running at 1280x800 and at any given time, the top or 
bottom of what I should see on the screen is hidden under this border. 
The end effect is that if you move the mouse to the top, the whole 
display "within the Xen window" jumps down to display the top part, and 
if you move the mouse to the bottom it does the same to display the 
bottom content. This is extremely distracting. Does anyone know what, if 
anything can be done? Can't I reduce the Xen Frame? The toolbar buttons 
are pretty large too. Maybe I have to configure something I missed?



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