[Techtalk] email via memory stick?

Figaro ynegorp at charter.net
Sat Jan 5 16:57:24 UTC 2008

Hello, all.
Mayn't this be sdone simply by writing the intended e-mail message as
.txt files to the usb-stick device then place them into the win. mailer
program as e-mail attachments? Obviously, not a one click your done
situation, but not horribly difficult either?

Ian Balchin wrote:
> Hi, again, and to dj who prompted this reply.
> Several people have emailed me directly and suggested a portable 
> email client running on the memory stick. The hitch is that this is 
> not going to work both on the linux box and the win machine with the 
> different operating systems. Wine was suggested, but not I think on 
> this particular system which is only an old P200 (I live in the third 
> world here).
> I think the crux of this particular problem is the standard or 
> otherwise of what gets sent out via smtp.
> As noted there are always two files per email in my Mercury queue and 
> the installed smtp module relays them to my isp's smtp server as it 
> is supposed to.
> Since the files are sent to Mercury from Pegasus Mail, which is 
> itself capable of sending direct to an smtp server, I am hoping that 
> the email standard is these two files. Nobody has commented on that 
> as yet. Just what sits in a sendmail(?) queue waiting to be smtp'd 
> out? Two files per email, or is this something specific to 
> Pegasus/Mercury? Any comment on this please.
> If so despite the various solutions offered, the prospect of just 
> automating the moving of pairs of files off the memory stick to the 
> existing mercury queue is appealing in its simplicity. Getting them 
> on there should not be a problem if I set up sendmail(?) correctly.
> Regards
> Anne

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