[Techtalk] o great audio geeks... USB a/d converters

Walt pippin at freeshell.org
Mon Aug 11 18:04:01 UTC 2008

At 01:50 PM 8/11/2008, Ricardo Dalceno wrote:
>Good one.
>M-Audio is one of the best I ever seen/worked with.

M-Audio is reported to make good hardware, but I
personally was annoyed with being locked into their
proprietary ProTools software if you want full access
to the hardware's capabilities, and if you want to use
ProTools only being able to use M-Audio hardware.

>They work very very nice on MacOS X

What DAW software do you use...? Does it work just
as well outside of ProTools?

Also, Carla http://64studio.com/ may be helpful.



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