[Techtalk] o great audio geeks... USB a/d converters

Walt pippin at freeshell.org
Mon Aug 11 17:55:33 UTC 2008

I personally favor firewire devices (purely an emotional
decision, not a reasoned one :-) so here's the linux/free
site for some drivers and it has a supported hardware list:


There is some (reported) support for several Presonus
interfaces. I have the FireStudio and Firepod (now FP10)
and access to a Firebox and an Inspire. I can test them
with Linux if you want to know details about which ones
work and how well. The FP10 and Firebox are very nice,
mature pieces of hardware. I personally would hesitate
to recommend the FireStudio for production use, as even
under Windows there are bugs that could cause serious

Also, as a DAW I hear Ardour is nice but have not yet
used it... http://ardour.org/



     There are more questions than answers--and the more I find out,
     the less I know.
                         Johnny Nash 

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