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Maria Pinjanainen maria at tietonoita.fi
Fri Sep 14 17:45:08 UTC 2007

On 14 Sep, Patricia Fraser wrote:
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> Hi folks,
> hoping you can help. I've got Debian Etch installed on two Thinkpads -
> my own (this one), a T30, and my daughter's, a T41. The T30 has a dud
> internal aironet wireless card - it's there, but it don't really work
> too well (probably since I changed the fan and did it a damage). The
> T41 has the Intel 2100 internal wireless card.
> In the case of the T30, the airo module is loaded at boot time, and
> the iwlist command will scan networks, which I can see - all without
> there being any entry in /etc/interfaces. If I run ifconfig, I see
> three interfaces - eth0, eth1 and lo. If I look in /proc/driver/,
> there's a directory airo, with another, eth0, below it.
> However, on the T41, although lsmod shows the ipw2100 driver is loaded,
> the machine doesn't see any card, and no device is set up. Again,
> there's no entry in /etc/interfaces, and if I run ifconfig, there's
> only eth0 and lo. There's nothing showing up under /proc/driver/.
> I've looked through the Debian docs, through thinkwiki and googled,
> but nothing shows me how, or where, the T30 is setting up the eth1
> interface (actually, it's the eth0 interface); or what I can do on the
> T41 to get it seeing the wireless card.
> Anyone got any suggestions, pointers or good places to look? Is it as
> simple as putting something in /etc/modules and an entry
> in /etc/network/interfaces?
> Cheers,
> - -- 

Is there a ipw2100d in /etc/init.d/ ??
That puts the card running. Then you can have interface eth1 or ra0 in
interfaces, too. (I assume you have eth0 for LAN)
I am not shure about airo chips and ipw2100, but ipw3945 works this way,
if I forget to put radio switch on. ;-)

On good place is http://thinkwiki.org/ 


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