[Techtalk] Leaving Win$ for linux.

Andrea Landaker qirien at icecavern.net
Tue Oct 30 21:05:53 UTC 2007

> The type of filtering I'm talking about involved being able to do multiple
> things with a message with one rule including:
> -Combined boolean filtering combining AND and OR and ANDNOT (If condition1
> and (condition2 or condition3) are met then....)
> -The ability to filter on incoming, outgoing or read mail
> -The ability to filter on a string being present or not present in a
> particular field
> -The ability to filter on any particular header in a message
> -The ability to have the filter check all headers &/or body of a message.

KMail has pretty good filtering -- the only thing here I see it missing is 
that you can't use both AND and OR (just X and Y and Z or X or Y or Z) -- but 
you could use multiple rules to get around this if you had to.  You can use 
regular expressions, and leverage your address book and its categories and 
things like that.

Good luck finding something you like!

Andrea Landaker

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