[Techtalk] Slowly-scrolling scrollbars.

Mani A a.mani.cms at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 02:09:49 UTC 2007

On 10/29/07, aesop at fables.co.za <aesop at fables.co.za> wrote:
> Hi,

> I recently installed Slackware 10 on a P200MMX with 128Mb
> I have used both Gnome and FVWM window managers but the result is the same.
> When I click on the scoll bar and use this to go down through my document the scrolling is
> extremely slow, painfully unuseably so.
> If I use the down arrow to move the cursor down, then once it gets to the bottom of the page it
> too slows to a halt. The text can hardly crawl up from the bottom!
> The PgUp/Dn buttons are slow.

This can also be due to a bad power supply. Try replacing that with
one of higher wattage.



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