[Techtalk] jpilot on Ubuntu 7.04, Palm IIIxe, serial (ttyS0) connection, or use something else?

Andrea Landaker qirien at icecavern.net
Wed Oct 17 02:59:15 UTC 2007

> So now at the end of this long ramble, I'm wondering what my best
> approach is. I would be happy to continue to use jpilot if I could get
> the sync function to work on Ubuntu. Or should I switch to another PIM
> program? gpilot only has conduits to Evolution, which I don't use. I'm
> just not familiar with any other Linux PIM suites so I don't know where
> to start looking. And I'm not sure I need a full PIM - all I use is the
> name/address/phone number functions. (I don't keep an electronic
> schedule, or to-do lists or any of that other stuff).

Well, if you can get kpilot working (perhaps with kpilotDaemon instead of 
gpilot?), that connects pretty well with Kontact's addressbook and calendar 
(earlier versions had a lot of bugs, but it's improved a lot lately).  

Andrea Landaker

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