[Techtalk] How to change Gnome's mimetype handling

Eeva Järvinen eevaj at welho.com
Fri Mar 2 20:47:24 UTC 2007


Does anyone know how, exactly, one edits the mimetype associations
Gnome makes?  I just installed Kino from freshrpms into my FC6 system,
and it promptly broke Realplayer mimetype associations in a strange
way: Nautilus says that .rm files are, according to their content,
text/plain and simply refuses to acknowledge they can be opened with
Realplayer.  Or rather, I can make Gnome open text/plain -files with
Realplayer, but then the s*/&%d thing wants to open _all_ text/plain
files with Realplayer.

It's not like this is the first time something like this has
happened.  How do I fix it?  I've delved around the file system and
looked all those wonderful .desktop, .application, .keys and .mime
files, and I see there's a script called update-mime-database, but
I can't find any documentation that would tell me how to mess about
with this broken mimetype handling.  Does anyone know?

(As an aside, I think Gnome is lovely on most days, but this mimetype
handling sucks big time, along with editing of themes (or that you
can't unless you're willing to read your way through reams of
documentation (then again, now there is at least _some_ documentation
besides GTK+ source code (and no, I don't want KDE.  If I have a
really bad day with Gnome, I fire up twm and an xterm.)))


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