[Techtalk] is Evolution ready for prime time?

Clayton smaug42 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:50:49 UTC 2007

> Is anyone using Evolution in a business environment? Last time I tested it, it
> was pretty raw and buggy, which was years ago. Would you trust it as an
> Outlook replacment, in a real production environment where things have to
> work right?

Things have changed dramatically in most aspects of Linux in the last
year... Evolution included :-)  I've used it a fair bit... and
personally, I don't like it.  Too heavy - needs loads of RAM etc., and
an interface that is almost as annoying as Outlook :-P

But.. of you like Outlook, then I'd say go for it.  It does the job as
a multi function tool, and is mostly familiar to those who are used to

I find it pretty - no make it very - stable.  I use the SUSE build
(using SUSE 10.2) and don't have any real issues (only personal
dislike for it).


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