[Techtalk] raid array

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Wed Aug 1 20:24:56 UTC 2007

Hey everyone,

I have a raid array question. I am trying to monitor my raid array, 
which is a RAID 5 connected with an adaptec card. It shows up as 
/dev/sda1, which I can mount. I was not the one who configured the 
device. I am now trying to get mdadm to work with it, and can't figure 
it out. Looks like mdadm expects to be given a bunch of devices, but I 
don't know how to find out about the individual disks. Does anyone have 
any experience, and can point me in the right direction? Is what I am 
trying to do even possible with mdadm? I haven't found any mdadm mailing 


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