[Techtalk] connect VCR to computer?

LAM LAM77 at bestweb.net
Sun Apr 8 22:36:43 UTC 2007

Dear Mereith -- My name is Linda, I'm a senior citizen from Ossining New York and trying to learn about transferring video tapes to my computer. Before my old computer died I had everything needed to transfer analog to digital. (Luv saying this cuz I recently learned these words!) A friend had connected my VCR to my computer. All I did was click buttons and whammo, the video tape got recorded on my computer. The only tapes I used were recordings of local government meetings. I even learned how to "snippet" a 10 minute segment out of a 3-hour meeting.

Anyway, my computer died. It had windows 98SE. Then my cousin Roberta died, and I got her computer. Nice one. Gateway with windows 98SE.  I LUV this operating system and will not change. Too old for me to change.

There are no "holes" in my cousin's computer to plug in the two wires that come out of the VCR.  A neighbor told me I need an RCA.  But am absolutely clueless what an RCA is !  Is this something that someone can install on my computer?  Or is it possible to just buy connector plugs so I can do it myself?  

I'm trying to learn this on my own because I'm living on a very small income. If you can not answer me, that's okay. You must be bombarded with questions.  Thank you in advance and have a super-wonder Springtime!
Ossining, NY

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