[Techtalk] [Linuxchix-announce] Hello from the new coordinator

Mary Gardiner coordinator at linuxchix.org
Mon Apr 2 11:26:41 UTC 2007

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Hi everyone,

Many of you will know my name because I've been posting incessantly to
the lists for years, but if you do not, I'm Mary Gardiner, and I'm the
new coordinator of LinuxChix. The coordinator role means that I am
responsible for the overall running of LinuxChix. Almost all of the work
is done by our huge team of volunteers; I'm looking forward to working
with everyone. I can be contacted at <coordinator at linuxchix.org>.

The team that runs LinuxChix together is coordinated through the open
subscription volunteers email list. If you would like to help with the
many many tasks that our volunteers do, including management and
administration of our mailing lists, website and IRC channels; and
writing and running courses on our courses mailing list, you should join
the volunteers list. This is also the place to propose new projects for
LinuxChix, if you have any ideas. You can join the list at

I'd like to thank the previous coordinator, Jenn Vesperman, who ran
LinuxChix from May 2001 until now. Thank you Jenn, and we hope to keep
seeing you around.


PS Please send replies to grrltalk at linuxchix.org only.
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