[Techtalk] [ILUG] Re: [OT] Solaris umask and ftp

James jas at spamcop.net
Tue Sep 26 06:06:37 UTC 2006

On Tue, 18 May 2004 17:00:10 +0000, Conor Daly <conor.daly at met.ie> wrote:

> Solaris ftp server on SunOS 5.7.  I have a user 'incoming' with a shell 
> of
> '/dev/null' that recieves files by ftp.  I want to set a umask of 002 for
> incoming files.  Can I do this?  Do I have to do it at the ftpd config 
> or do
> I need a different shell for user 'incoming'?

The ftpd doesn't actually *run* whatever shell the user has listed - which
is how you can get away with having it set to /dev/null or /bin/false - so
it shouldn't affect the umask at all.

Instead, for Solaris's ftpd, use the "-u" switch on the command line (in
inetd.conf or similar), to specify what the default umask should be. You
can also set this using the "defumask" option in ftpaccess
(/etc/ftpd/ftpaccess, 'man 4 ftpaccess' for details) if it's enabled.

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