[Techtalk] logging problem at boot

Angelina Carlton brat at magma.ca
Fri Oct 27 00:54:29 UTC 2006

Maria McKinley <maria at shadlen.org> writes:

> When I boot up my machine, I see a bright red failed, and something
> about syncookies, but it flies by too fast to tell what it is all
> about. So I looked in the logs, but can't find anything. It seems that
> not everything that flies by at boot up is logged. I thought that all
> of the stuff that went by on the screen was logged to dmesg, but this
> doesn't seem to be the case. What can I do to ensure this message is
> saved somewhere when I boot?

Hi Maria

If you are on a Debian (or derivative) system you can set the
/etc/default/bootlogd variable 
BOOTLOGD_ENABLE to yes and then examine /var/log/boot

,----[ /etc/default/bootlogd ]
| # Run bootlogd at startup ?

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