[Techtalk] really basic debian question

Miriam Ruiz little_miry at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 15 21:55:04 EST 2006

 --- mgmonza at sdf.lonestar.org escribió:

> Hello, all,


> My first question is -really- basic - is it acceptable to post basic 
> debian questions here?  If not, how about debian-woman?  I swear, I 
> started three times to post there, then chickened out.

I don't see any problem with asking that kind of question in debian-women,
even though it's more developer-women-oriented than user-oriented. You can
post freely there, there will be no problem. Why did you chicken out from

> If here's okay, my question is: how do I install a package in debian if 
> there is not debian pkg for it?  That's the embarassing part - I remember 
> doing a makefile a year or so ago, but cannot remember the basics now. 
> I'm trying to use sshfs to attach the Unix servers here to my beautiful 
> debian desktop, and the apt-get install for that worked great, but then 
> there was no fuse. The fuse documentation seems to assume one must 
> recompile the kernel?  Or can just the fuse module be installed?

I don't really understand the question. You're probably referring to:
./configure && make && make install ?
Or are you asking for help on how to create a Debian package?

There's nothing embarrassing about it :)

It seems that there are some fuse-related tools in Debian. Try "apt-cache
search fuse" and you'll find some:

fuse-source - Filesystem in USErspace (source for kernel module)
fuse-utils - Filesystem in USErspace (utilities)
libfuse-dev - Filesystem in USErspace (development files)
libfuse2 - Filesystem in USErspace library
sshfs - filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol

I have no clue on how fuse works, so I cannot help you in this, sorry. It
seems you just have to install a module, not recompile the kernel.

> I hope this isn't too confused.  If I should be posting this elsewhere, 
> please let me know.


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