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Gebhard Dettmar gebhard.dettmar at
Thu Mar 16 08:54:55 EST 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 04:06, mgmonza at wrote:
> Hello, all,
> My first question is -really- basic - is it acceptable to post basic
> debian questions here?  If not, how about debian-woman?  I swear, I
> started three times to post there, then chickened out.
Of course it is. But it is really not recommendable to hijack (= 
answering, in this case, Carlas mail related to a different question) 
other people's threads. This means that you loose potential answers from 
people, who might have well been able to answer your question but weren't 
interested in the particular thread you hit the reply-button in.
I only saw this thread because James posting went to my spam-folder (which 
is a perfect incident to start a new thread - my spam-regexes don't work 
properly ;-(
Threading means that your mail-client lists every posting according to its 
subject. To give you an idea how it looks like in a common graphical 
mail-client I put this screenshot here:
Once you used it, you'll love it :-)

Regards Gebhard

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