[Techtalk] RE: LDAP batch file formats

Linda de Boer ldb at swmbo.ca
Mon Mar 13 13:42:52 EST 2006


I have been trying to determine exactly what format is required when you 
are using Webmin to add users to the "LDAP Users and Groups" module via 

The system is an LDAP authentication server which also provides Samba 
services to NT workstations and XP. So the Samba schema is involved 
here. It requires the surname (sn) for this.

The batch format example given at the top of the screen is fine for the 
standard local users. However, I need to know where the surname would 
fit in as it is required when using the Samba schema.

I am currently reading through Webmin's code, but if anyone can point me 
in the right direction a little earlier, I can make a few folks very 
happy alot sooner. I've done alot of searching, but if anyone knows of 
any good documents on this I'll be happy to read them. They really want 
to use Webmin, so a nice ldif upload  isn't an option unless I'm really 

The example format they provide is:

An example of what I'm currently sending it:

create:ldbtest2:ldbtest2::Domain Users:Linda 

The error I get from the above:
Failed to add user to LDAP database : object class 'inetOrgPerson' 
requires attribute 'sn'

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