[Techtalk] Copying a file + archive to one file

Jessica Campbell "jac." at actrix.co.nz
Fri Feb 24 12:02:30 EST 2006

Maybe it would work if you did it in a DOS emulator such as DOSEMU[1].

[1] http://dosemu.sourceforge.net/

- Jessica

Cynthia Kiser wrote:
> If you want to end up with a single file containing the contents of
> other files, you could use "cat" to append. But I doubt you will end
> up with an executable file - even if you do name it something.exe
> If you want to add stuff to your zip archive, you can do that. From
> the zip man page: 
>   When given the name of an existing zip archive, zip will replace
>   identically named entries in the zip archive or add entries for new
>   names.  For example, if foo.zip exists and contains foo/file1 and
>   foo/file2, and the directory foo contains the files foo/file1 and
>   foo/file3, then:
> 		zip -r foo foo
>   will replace foo/file1 in foo.zip and add foo/file3 to foo.zip.  After
>   this, foo.zip contains foo/file1, foo/file2, and foo/file3, with
>   foo/file2 unchanged from before.
> Quoting Becky Brewer <beckysue74 at cox.net>:
>>I am somewhat of a Linux newbie - just getting back into it after a couple
>>of years on MS systems.  I'm trying to copy a file plus a zip archive into
>>one file (an exe), and from what I've read the cp command is not able to do
>>this.   In DOS, the command I would use to perform this action is:
>>copy /B myapp.exe+myzip.zip mynewapp.exe
>>I know that two or more files may be copied to a directory using the cp
>>command, but have not found any documentation indicating that two files may
>>be copied into the third in Linux, as they could be in DOS.  The mv command
>>seems to work the same way.
>>Am I missing something?  Is there another command that I am not aware of
>>that is capable of performing this action?  This needs to be a command-line
>>operation, and I am running Redhat 9 on this machine.  Any advice would be
>>appreciate - TIA!
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