[Techtalk] installing DBI without the Database

Meryll Larkin alwanza at oz.net
Sat Feb 25 04:29:39 EST 2006


Hi Chix,

I asked earlier this month about how to access a database from a remote
webbrowser, this is related, and I think it belongs in tech talk rather than
programming (let me know if I'm wrong) because it is about installing on

My Web (Intranet) server is RedHat7.2 (yes, I want to update, if I try to
push it, I will lose my job - gotta find a new job).  The database is on SCO
5.something.  They are actually in the same room and on the same LAN, but
they are separate servers. 

I've written a script that does EXACTLY what I need (DBI works, DBD works,
CGI and Perl works, ISQL works - spits out nice Web page), BUT the script is
on the SCO machine and the Web server is the RedHat machine. 

On the RedHat machine, I have Perl 5.61 (which is what I need) and Perl-DBI
but I need to install either ODBC or DBD::Informix or unixODBC - whichever I
get to work first.

I've been working hard getting all the dependencies installed and I'm
finally ready to install the DBI part and 

HERE's THE PROBLEM:  In order to install the DBI, (according to the READMES
that come with the DBDs) I need to set a variable that points to the
"directory" where my Database lives.  Well, the Database, doesn't live in a
directory on the Web server.  It lives on the SCO server.  Has anyone every
done this kind of install before?  What do I do now?  I tried using this


But my error message said that it "isn't a directory" (it is).  Is my format
incorrect?  I could use the IP address but these servers recognize each
other's host names.  Is there some way to "fool" the install script?  Is
there a step that I'm missing?

Meryll Larkin


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