[Techtalk] I want help with a computerized dyslexia project. Who can I ask?

Chris Bogardus carjug at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 04:10:46 EST 2006

I have an idea for a color alphabet that may help
dyslexic kids to read. This project (vendetta) will
require computer programming, about which I know
nothing. How do I get in touch with some nerds who
would relish a fairly easy challenge? Hackers will
probably have more success at this project than
academic researchers because they are not grant-happy.
Teachers do not have time for this sort of thing, and
the old geezers who play on computers are so
interested in their own thoughts as to be useless. I
want to meet a programmin' fanatic who is pissed about
the way someone he or she knows was treated in school
and wants to do something about it! 
  The file I have attached is a fairly poor example of
my idea, you can laugh at my use of windows all you
                         carjug, a juggler

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