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Walt pippin at freeshell.org
Wed Feb 1 00:37:42 EST 2006

At 05:01 AM 1/31/2006 -0800, Maluvia wrote:

>I've been reading up on Starband, but it is a big hardware investment: 
>$500 for residential installs, and $1500+ for mobile access, and ~$70+/month.

I'm not familiar with Starband, but have worked with
a number of DirecWay customers, even business
customers, and my experiences have been varied.
In some cases, it's performed pretty much as well
as medium DSL (768/128), but I've also seen it get
much, much worse -- down to slow dialup speeds,
which can make you a little angry. :-) The prices
you're quoting are right in line with DirecWay, fwiw.
http://tinyurl.com/cdy8r (DirecWay link)

Whatever happens, I've been told by our local
DirecWay dealer to decide if you're satisfied with
the service or not within the first 30 days -- that
way, worse case scenario you're only out the
cost of equipment and not the whole contractual
obligation. Plus, I'm told that if you do complain
about the speed (or lack thereof) during this time
period they may offer you upgraded service level
at reduced cost.

>(I'm also unclear exactly how the multi-user aspect of it is implemented.)

This is pretty standard. There's nothing different very
different about the satellite modems I've worked with
except that they have the equivalent of a built-in router.

Good luck...


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