[Techtalk] prevent screen from clearing

gabrielle gab at gorge.net
Wed Sep 28 12:38:30 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 12:00 +1000, Akkana wrote:
> How to configure it depends on what terminal you're using.
gnome-terminal is what shows up in ps -af, but my $TERM is set to
xterm. :/

> It turns out that instead of ti/te, the string "rmcup" is the one
> which represents this behavior in terminfo (you can get a little
> info on it by googling on rmcup).
And the first thing that pops up says "Don't focus on technicalities,
nobody knows what the hell rmcup is anyway."  LOL!  It's been that kind
of day.

> So you can trick programs by making a terminfo entry that has no rmcup
> entry at all, and using that instead of the standard entry. You're
> pretending that you're using a terminal which doesn't have that
> feature at all.
> I've made a terminfo entry  that emulates "xterm-color" but removes
> those entries.  Download it, make a directory in your homedir called
> terminfo, and put the file there. Call it xterm-noalt.terminfo.
> Then set TERM to xterm-noalt (in bash, export TERM=xterm-noalt) and
> you should be good to go.
That is one freaky-looking file.  But, it works! Yay!

Check this out, I get this error when starting up man:
WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
(funny, I considered the way it was *before* to be not fully functional,
but to each his own.)

No errors when starting vi.  Not a big enough deal for me to worry
about. :)

> I thought I'd written this up back when I first did it, but I don't
> seem to have it online, so I've made an online copy of this posting
> with a link to the relevant file. Gabrielle, I hope you don't mind if
> I quote part of your posting anonymously (if you do mind, let me know
> and I'll remove that part).
Not at all, go right ahead.  (Glad I toned it down from how I was
*really* feeling...;) )

Thanks so much!  I'm off to do some reading about rmcup & infocap, now
that I have man working to my satisfaction. >:D


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