[Techtalk] Unmounting digital camera

David Sumbler david at aeolia.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 06:20:45 EST 2005

"Kathryn Hogg" <kjh at flyballdogs.com> writes:

> David Sumbler said:
>> This, and 'lsof /dev/sdb1' show that "fam" is the guilty process.
>> But I don't really understand "fam" and what to do about it.
> I've been through that with CD and usb drives in earlier releases of
> fedora.  Usually if the device  showed up with a desktop icon, it could
> right click and select "Eject".  However sometimes I had to kill fam.  It
> just seemed persnickety that the process who's supposed to monitor changes
> in dynamic media was actually locking them.
> fam is "File Alteration Manager" daemon and has been supplanted by gamin
> in my distro (Fedora).  Info on fam can be found at
> http://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/

I'm using Fedora Core 2 still.  Which version are you on?  Perhaps
it's time I upgraded.



David Sumbler

david at aeolia.co.uk

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