[Techtalk] Unmounting digital camera

Kathryn Hogg kjh at flyballdogs.com
Sat Jul 23 06:06:46 EST 2005

David Sumbler said:
> This, and 'lsof /dev/sdb1' show that "fam" is the guilty process.
> But I don't really understand "fam" and what to do about it.

I've been through that with CD and usb drives in earlier releases of
fedora.  Usually if the device  showed up with a desktop icon, it could
right click and select "Eject".  However sometimes I had to kill fam.  It
just seemed persnickety that the process who's supposed to monitor changes
in dynamic media was actually locking them.

fam is "File Alteration Manager" daemon and has been supplanted by gamin
in my distro (Fedora).  Info on fam can be found at


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