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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Jul 18 08:32:26 EST 2005

Hi Esme!

> Hello! :-)  Success! :-)

Wonderful; I think we've cracked it. It *has* to be the unicode. How to 
tell: a neat little utility called sort lets me sort the text file of 
mine and the text file of yours, and then run diff on the two files to 
see what's changed. I have some devel rpms installed that you don't, but 
that shouldn't hurt... see:

--- gtk-text-srt        2005-07-18 07:51:26.000000000 +1000
+++ gtk-ver-srt 2005-07-18 07:51:38.000000000 +1000
@@ -10,10 +10,7 @@
@@ -22,10 +19,6 @@

A handy little utility, diff. (Someone will tell me that there's a sort 
function in diff, I bet.)

> > Also, could you tell me whether, when you installed, you checked
> > the box marked "Use Unicode by default" or not? (I did, and I think
> > it's part of my problem.)
> Nope! I know that I definitely did not!  

Yep - I think that's where the problem lies, sure enough; I seem to 
remember, before Mandriva went all-Unicode, that there was a utility to 
turn it on and off, so I'll go hunting for that before I think about a 
reinstall (urk).

> I did notice that and  wondered what the point of it is 

It uses a much larger character-set to cover all the different accented 
characters; you should be able to get accents without it. In KDE, take 
a look at the Accessibility setup in System, Configuration, KDE, 
Accessibility; choose Keyboard Layout. Check the box that says to turn 
it on, and then scroll right down the list of keyboards and choose US 
English w/ISO9995 and add that - you've probably already got US English 
already on the list. Then go to Switching Options and choose "display 
country flag"; I have global selected, but I don't remember why exactly 
(it doesn't seem to hurt!). Then go to xkb options, select "enable xkb 
options" and scroll down to find "Compose Key" and check "Right Win Key 
is Compose". Then you can click "Apply", and you should see a little 
flag saying "us" or "en" coming up in your taskbar; mine sits in the 
system tray along with my little reminder-with-a-bell that I've 
forgotten to turn off. Which flag you see on startup depends on which 
keyboard is at the top of the list; I have en (the accents one) at the 
top, but if you left-click on the flag, it cycles through them. 

When you want to do an accented character, make sure you have "en" 
showing; then press and hold the right Win key and type the letter to 
be accented; let go of both and type the accent character. If you're 
not quick enough, the two characters will type separately! (I used 
backspace a *lot* when I was getting used to this feature...) Like, for 
e-acute, it's RightWin-e, then '; é! for u-umlaut it='s RightWin-u, 
then : ü! Experiment until you find the ones you can do - and if you 
trip over the Euro sign, I'd be glad to hear about it... I still 
haven't found it.

You can do even more weird and wonderful characters if you enable the 
third level; this setting is a little way down from Compose Keys, and 
it's called Third Level Chooser. I have the right Alt key selected, but 
you can use any of the ones there. It gives you such lovelies as the 
degree mark ° with rightAlt, shift, 0 (all held down, but in that 

Hope I've repaid your kind work; now to see if I can get Audacity to 


> (would it make it easy for me to do 
> umlauts and accents and things? That'd be nice, if so), but as it's
> not something I've done any other time I've installed Linux on a PC,
> and as this is supposed to be my everyday PC (so I can play with the
> other one and NOT screw up my internetty stuff, which used to happen
> frequently, whilst I've been prodding around trying to learn Linux.
> Fun, but can be trying...), I didn't. I mean, as I understand it,
> Unicode is to help deal more easily with non-Roman alphabets, but
> quite how it works that we have several kinds of coding available and
> have to choose... I don't really understand how that works.
> Anyway, glad to have been able to be of some help!
> Take care,
> Esme
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