[Techtalk] PHP mail, images and user's clients.

Sue Stones suzo at spin.net.au
Sat Feb 19 12:26:43 EST 2005

April wrote:
> 1)  To display an image in the body of the email, it needs to be an HTML 
> email.  You need to set the "type" of the email to HTML 

Yes I have converted them to HTML mail.  Firefox at least does not 
download images by default.  My client doesn't want 2 types of email. 
So no doubt we will introduce it when people ask for it.

> 2)  Example:
> <a href="mailto:someone at yoursite.com?subject=Request for assistence
> &body=Enter the description of the problem here
> &cc=helpdesk at yoursite.com&bcc=theboss at yoursite.com">
> Click here to ask for tech support</a>

Brilliant.  thanks.  Now I just have to work out how to get new lines in 
the body.


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